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I offer a range of readings, from Cartomancy, Oracle cards, mediumship and many more.  Thats why they call me an Unique Intuitive Psychic because anything wonderful can happy to help you on your True Life Path.

I also do Psychic Parties for birthdays, hens parties.

I also offer Access Bars Access Consciousness to help clear the chatter in your head.

In my Local area of Dubbo I run Rainbow Spiritual Circle, which helps people find their interest in spirituality if they don't know what ascept they would like to get into.  They arrange from Crystal talks, to hypnosis, to past life talks.

I also ran a few workshops from intuition development to psychic development.


About Me

Quoted by Ms Denim Clue  

“I have been seeing flashes of people’s interactions and future for as long as I could remember.

“They appear to me in a visual form whereby the person in question appears as a figure with no face. I don’t know who they are or how they fit in, but that is when my intuition jumps into action.

“Before every reading the butterflies are flying everywhere in my stomach.  I am terrified as I have no idea as to what I am going to say. But then, at that moment when you are sitting before me, those butterflies suddenly fly in formation and the unique reading of you and your psychic needs just happen”

“It could be due to a combination of elements –be it a deck of 52 playing cards, angel cards, or simply a pen and paper. It could even be due to spiritual mediums communicating with me in your presence. It is so amazing and I don’t understand how it works, that’s why I call myself a

Unique Intuitive Psychic

“People I have read for (whom I know nothing about) report that those readings produce great results in their lives. It is so satisfying to know that I have helped someone in their quest for guidance in their lives.

For those of you whom I’m yet to meet, its’s entirely possible I have already witnessed and insight into your life.” 


What To Expect

When you book a session, my readings are quiet unique.  They range from Cartomacy, Oracle Cards , Mediumship and a simple pen and paper.

I offer one on one healing sessions with Access Bars.  (Ask me more)

I also do one on one reading sessions.  I can come to you, we can "ZOOM" or just a question off photos or just on facebook messager.


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Rebecca A.

Beautiful, accurate and totally down to earth.
i love unique guidance. will be making another booking soon.
Blessed Be .

Kylie L

I've had many readings with Denim.  The guidance and insight and reassurance she gives me are amazing. All i can say is WOW, at how it makes so much sense when she explains it to me

Lee J

Had a great reading, spot on and now have my clarity.

Brittany T.

I seen Denim last year and had such an amazing experience! She was incredibly accurate. She told me I’d have a beautiful baby boy this year, I gave birth to him last week 💙 I highly recommend seeing Demin, my entire experience was amazing and I will hopefully be returning in the near future to see her again

Erin H.

I have just had my first reading with Denim and she was amazing! I have been seeing another lady for over six years until I was guided to Denim last week. She was spot on with everything and had different techniques she used to guide her. I’m so glad that our paths have crossed. She is an amazing person with an amazing gift! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance.

Rosetta S.

My mother and I had a joint reading with amazing family members coming through. Loved the animal deck and symbolic readings very personal reading. Ms denim picked up many frequencies from people in our past, present also foretold future events that will and has took place as she had predicted even days after the reading... very insightful and guided me us with angelic knowledge it was like the universe was transcending through Ms Denim Clue. Highly recommended to all my clients, friends and family.

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